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Re-write your Future

There were so many life lessons for me to really delve deep into and start understanding why I never felt enough and never truly loved myself from the inside.

Throughout writing my story there were incidents from my past that led me to the path of low self-esteem and self-worth.

During lockdown after dating a covert narcissist, I came to realise that if I didn’t start truly loving myself then I would always accept second best.

To do this I have my own toolkit which I have been using since my breakup in August 2020, one of these non-negotiables is getting up at 6.30am and working out to some house music which sets me off for the day and I have never felt healthier.

Writing and publishing my book helped me to learn how to ‘Forgive Myself’ and leave the past in the past where it belonged. I had blamed myself for so long, shame, lacked confidence, people pleaser, the list goes on which stemmed from a domestic abusive relationship previously. Both relationships were very different, however, both were coercive. Link to my book

The recovery journey stemmed from the relationship break up in lockdown. I was completely heartbroken because the man I thought I loved, I found out, was a cheat and already moved onto his next narcissistic supply (unsuspecting woman).

This helped me to see that I needed to love myself, so I was able to start making the right choices for me and learn about narcissism, co-dependency and red flags in relationships. This is where my self-love journey took me, and I am passionate about sharing these tools to other women to become confident in their own skin again after coercive relationships. I wrote about everything in my book that helped me to heal, and I still use all these tools daily.

Every day is a new and stronger day, you must put in that daily action to become a better you, nothing happens in an instant, time x action = success.  

It got me to look at things completely differently and changed the direction of my life in so many ways. I am the happiest and healthiest I have ever felt.

Getting your thoughts and feelings out onto paper can be incredibly life changing, it brings you into the present moment and helps you to understand the lessons you need to learn, fix them and start living your best life.  

Mine was loving myself and giving myself the compassion and acceptance, I needed to flourish into the flower I knew I was.

I now empower victims to find their confidence, self-worth and re-write their futures after domestic abuse.  

I teach victims to become the script writers of their own life after coercive relationships.  You get to choose your own story, don’t let anyone else hold the pen.

Join me for rewrite your future mastermind and start changing the direction of your life.

Tuesday 29th November 6-8pm GMT or 1pm-3pm EST the course if FREE and this could be the start of your new journey to success.

Please drop me a message ‘Re-write’ and I can send you the link for the masterclass.

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If you think you maybe in an abusive or coercive relationship, click on my free quiz link above ‘Are you dating a narcissist?’ or contact me for a cuppa and chat about how I can work with you.

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