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Bad Vs Good Habits

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In January 2023 I gave up drinking alcohol for seven months and it felt really good. This is a bad habit that I’m not taking into 2024.

I didn’t give up alcohol for a New Years Resolution as I don’t believe in them. I believe you just set yourself up to fail leading to poorer mental health. I just felt alcohol was holding me back from achieving my bigger dreams.

Stopping alcohol consumption can bring about various positive changes in physical health, mental well-being, and overall lifestyle after abstaining from alcohol. There were untold differences I noticed after stopping drinking:

No waiting for taxis later – no long waits with queues of drunk people late at night

No expensive taxi fares – saving huge amounts of money as I drove instead

No morning hangover – feeling fresh as a daisy come morning and ready for the day ahead

No feeling depressed the next day – no beer slumps or feeling down and I definitely felt more energised and alert.

No wasted time sat on the couch the next day feeling like crap – one thing I hate is wasting my days sat in front of the TV.

No lying in bed feeling sorry for myself – scraping yourself out of bed after lots of alcohol can be so difficult.

More money in my pocket to spend on healthy things – quitting gave me huge financial savings, a night out drinking is so expensive nowadays.

Less sugar consumption – I felt physically better, my skin glowed more and I even lost weight as alcohol contains empty calories.

Stable Moods – my moods would feel more stable. Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant and can contribute to feelings of anxiety and depression.

Better relationships – alcohol can cause so many arguments within relationships, my ex was an alcoholic and even after he moved out I would find empty bottles in various cupboards that he had hidden from me. Alcohol doesn’t cause domestic abuse but when added to the mix can be very scary for victims. Alcohol lowers inhibitions and impairs judgement, potentially increasing the likelihood of aggressive or violent behaviour.

Alcohol use affects communication skills and conflict resolution strategies and can turn into misunderstandings and disagreements arising, escalating into verbal or physical violence.

Men who are dependent on alcohol or drugs are six or seven times more likely to be involved in domestic abuse against women than others, according to an extensive study in 2019 published in the online journal PLOS-Medicine.

Alcohol and drugs can make existing abuse worse, or be a catalyst for an attack, but they do not cause domestic abuse. Many people use alcohol or drugs and do not abuse their partner, so it should never be used to excuse violent or controlling behaviour. The perpetrator alone is responsible for his actions.

Thankfully, I am not a big drinker, the slightest whiff of alcohol and I’m usually drunk. I will never say never as I don’t want to set myself up to fail but I do know that 2024 for me is going to be the most focused year of my life so, going alcohol free will help me become the best version of me.

In 2023 I managed my brothers wedding alcohol free, and a party in Leeds city centre, I was super proud to come back sober. I can definitely say it felt weird at the time but the next day, boy oh boy was I giving myself a huge pat on the back.

Everyone’s experiences may vary, and the benefits of abstaining from alcohol can depend on factors such as the duration and intensity of alcohol use, overall health, and personal circumstances. If someone is considering quitting or reducing alcohol consumption, it’s advisable to seek support from healthcare professionals, counsellors, or support groups to navigate the process effectively.

What bad habits are you swapping for good this year that are holding you back and kidnapping you from the life you want?

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