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Re-writing the futures of our community one step at a time.

Amanda's Vision

My vision is to have a community where people can become more emotionally intelligent, so they are able to choose love and lasting relationships in all aspects of their life and business.

The Mission

I empower women, men, and learning-disabled adults to find their confidence, self-worth and re-write their futures after domestic abuse. I teach victims to become the script writers of their own life after coercive relationships. You get to choose your own story, don’t let anyone else hold the pen.

My Values

Warm and friendly, compassionate, empathic, supportive.
I recently worked with one client who had a breakthrough after attending the retreat I ran in September 2022, which was incredible.


Amanda is passionate about empowering people to live their best life after domestic abuse. She really cares about the community she works with. Having lived experience of both domestic and narcissistic abuse she has deep understanding of how to have the best relationships in life. She welcomes, nurtures, and celebrates diversity in people of all size, race, age, religion, gender, sexuality, and disability and treats everyone with compassion and respect.


Everything I do at Fix your Future Ltd is of the highest standard. I act with professionalism, and I am committed to continuous improvement by seeking feedback from the communities I work with.


I work closely with our community so that I can offer my clients the right support at the right time for them. I inspire the local community by running trauma informed retreats, inspirational group mentoring and training with a yearly summit in October promoting domestic abuse awareness. Amanda is an author, advocate and speaker on domestic abuse having past lived experience.

What can I offer?

Free Guides, Day retreats, Weekend retreats, Vision board training, Laughter yoga, Corporate training, Bid writing & Speaking at events in person.

Introduction to starting your business and finding your purpose after domestic abuse.

Mindfulness, Self-worth & Self-belief, Regain your confidence after trauma, Rewrite your story, Beginners course for social entrepreneurs, Canva for beginners, bid writing for beginners.

Inspired-Nation CIC.

Running two day a week funded workshops for learning-disabled adults.

Welcome to Fix your Future
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