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2 domestic abuse victims are killed by their partners every week in the UK. Having lived experience of domestic abuse, I want to offer victims a roadmap to the life they deserve.

I’m Amanda Haigh from Fix your Future Ltd.

After having lived experience of domestic and narcissistic abuse and publishing my memoir with the self-help tools written in the back of the book that I personally used, I became passionate in supporting other survivors through their healing journey. I wanted to start a podcast called ‘Heal with the Reel’ to raise awareness of what unhealthy relationships looked like, how to avoid them and heal.

Heal with the Reel gives you tips, strategies and tools to live your best life after trauma with a particular focus on domestic and narcissistic abuse which is where my passion lies.

My resilient guests talk about what helped them move through the trauma, red flags in relationships and signs of coercion and how they went on to build their life with purpose and passion. Becoming trauma-informed empowers survivors with confidence, self-worth and supports them to re-write their futures and become the script writers of their own lives.

You get to choose your own story, don’t let anyone else hold the pen.