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Services & Offers

You can find a breakdown of all my services and what I can offer you below. Please contact me so I can help answer any questions you may have about my services.

Weekend & Day Retreats.

Vision Board Training.

Corporate Training.

Bid Writing.

Laughter Yoga.

Event Speaking.

Empowerment through Entrepreneurship

Have you always been afraid to take the next step?
Have you always been told you’re not good enough and will never achieve success?
Have you always followed other people’s dreams and not your own?
Do you have a burning passion inside to create a life on your terms?
Has your trauma always held you back and kept you safe?
Do you have an amazing idea but don’t know how to cultivate it?
Join Empowerment Makers to find out more and begin creating your best life yet!

This was me before I took the plunge and began running my own business, I now help other survivors to do the same and turn their pain into their passion. 

Inspired-Nation CIC

Running two day a week funded workshops for learning-disabled adults (In partnership with Jan Wells).

1 – Innovate & Create – 16 learning-disabled adults to become artists and showcase their art at a final art gallery with potential investors in the NFT space

2 – Digitally Include Me – 8 learning-disabled adults learn how to become confident with technology and learn to speak up in front of camera/video.