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Laughter Yoga

Laughter – releases endorphins – happy hormones that make you feel great
Acts as an exercise so can help you lose calories
Unleashes Inhibitors – breaks down barriers
Good for team building and better communication
Helps boost your immune system which helps fight disease
Tones muscles – improves circulation and respiration
Encourages positivity and creative thinking
Relaxes the whole body by reducing stress and tension

Laughter is the best Medicine, Laughter is a universal language, Laughter brings joy to the soul, Laughter releases endorphins, Laughter helps you to live longer 

I wanted to share with you something that I deliver to corporates and organisations either online or in person.   

I began delivering this back in 2015 with people with learning disabilities who absolutely loved it because it is a universal language that anyone can do, we did an hour of ‘Laughter Yoga’ every Monday morning for an hour which was so much fun and got our week off to a cracking start. 

We started delivering it to corporates and organisations to provide team building and the ability to break down barriers and bring more unity.   We talked about communication and accessible information, ‘Gibberish’ was something we used as an example, this was often how people with learning disabilities felt when nurses and doctors spoke to them, they often used words they didn’t understand or often spoke to carers and not the person with a disability. 

Make sure you build laughter into your life daily and take that free medicine. 

Happy to discuss further if this sounds like something your teams/events could benefit from, get in touch for a free discovery call. 

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