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Are you dating a narcissist?

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Are you dating a narcissist?

I’m sharing a bit of my personal journey today on navigating relationships.

I believe in the power of open conversations and supporting each other through life’s challenges.

In July 2021 I wrote my book ‘Fix your Future’ a book I didn’t tell anyone about at the time, as I was still addressing underlying trauma from two unhealthy relationships, both of which were very different.

One was particularly hard to spot as it was covert narcissism, something I knew nothing about.

I believe teaching our younger generation signs of coercive relationships in school is key here.

Since writing the book, I cannot tell you the growth that happened as a result. Slowly, I began talking about my book, that is where the magic happened.

I began getting comfortable with the uncomfortable.

To begin that step, I needed to understand many things, the main one being that ‘I was enough’ which after domestic abuse can be hard to believe. The shame that comes hand in hand can sometimes be extremely hard to shake off.

It all begins with you, learning to love yourself, learning to spot signs of toxic relationships, learning to understand others with an empathic outlook, letting go of things you cannot change, and forgiveness.

It sent me on a spiral of learning and a journey where I became passionate in supporting people to grow after domestic abuse, it can sometimes take over my life but when you love what you do if doesn’t feel like work.

I feel blessed that my life has taken me on his journey of growth and development and deep understanding of what held me back for so long.

In this quest for understanding, I came across content on YouTube on narcissistic relationships. The insights resonated profoundly, prompting me to reflect on patterns that were impacting my well-being and the algorithm took me on a learning that changed my life forever.

I’m not alone in navigating complex relationships, and neither are you. I invite you to join the conversation about dating and relationships.

Have you ever questioned if you’re dating a narcissist?

🔗 Take the Quiz: Are You Dating a Narcissist?

I found this helpful quiz that can shed light on whether you could be dating a narcissist.

Take a moment to explore and gain insights into your own experiences.

🌈 Empowerment through Awareness:

Understanding the signs of narcissistic behavior is a powerful step towards setting boundaries, prioritising mental health, and fostering resilience.

It’s about reclaiming our sense of self and well-being.

🌟 Let’s Connect:

I’m grateful for the strength found in community and open dialogue.

If you’ve ever felt the need to share your experiences or seek support, I’m here.

Creating a space where conversations can flourish, and healing is nurtured is so important.

Everyone Deserves Healthy Connections and Genuine Happiness!

Subscribe to my YouTube channel for my guests who have gone from survivors to thrivers and pick up some great tips on how to become your best self.

Also a link to my book below where it all began!

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