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It’s back!!

After the amazing success of last years retreat I will keep offering this service.

The feedback from the last years attendees was incredible with some having life breakthroughs.

Here are some snippets of what they said after being asked this question;

What are the new strengths you have taken from the retreat?

A more positive mindset,

I had become stuck in a cycle of negative thinking.

Self worth

Not to stay silent when things feel too heavy to deal with

Knowing there are tools out there to really help, this gives me strength and hope to know I will be alright.

Having a voice to speak out truth

Some of the takeaways from last years retreat which the participants are now using as a result below are;

Daily journal writing & meditation

To live in the now, shed the negative of the past and focus on the present moment

validation of my feelings and journey

Knowing how to manage my feelings when they get overwhelming.

The absolute power of unity and support-starting the healing process

Retreats are such a powerful way to take a break from the daily hustle and bustle, to slow down, and to connect with others.

For the women last year, the retreat was especially important, it offered an opportunity to step away from the many roles and responsibilities that dominated their lives, and they prioritised their own wellbeing.

In this blog, I wanted to share some key elements of why it was such a successful retreat for the women involved, and I cannot wait to draw on my experience of last year and plan and facilitate an even betterer (if that’s even a word…hahaha) event.

Connection is Key

One of the most important aspects of last years retreat being so successful was the connection all the women shared with one another. Women are often social creatures, and we thrive when we feel supported and seen by others. The retreat gave them that opportunity to forge new connections and deepen existing ones. They fostered connection through small group discussions, one-on-one conversations, and through the shared activities that encouraged collaboration and teamwork. It allowed participants to get to know one another in a low-pressure setting.

Self-Care is Essential

Another key element is having that time for self-care. Women often put others’ needs before their own, and a retreat is a powerful reminder that taking care of ourselves is not only okay but essential. Self-care can take many forms, from mindfulness practices, sound bath and meditation which were part of the retreat.

Meaningful Content

While the connection and self-care was an essential part, the success of the retreat offered meaningful content. Last year we ran a vision board workshop which helped participants to think about their future goals, hopes and dreams. We talked between us, ran educational sessions offering our participants new insights and skills to takeaway. We even fed the alpacas which the ladies all looked forward to. Topics we discussed included personal growth, leadership, creativity, and spirituality. I tried to strike a balance between structured content and free time for participants to explore their own interests and needs.

A Safe and Inclusive Environment

Finally, last years retreat created a safe and inclusive environment where all the participants felt welcome and supported. It created a culture of respect and empathy, everyone felt comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment or ridicule.


In summary, the wooden wellness women’s retreat prioritised connection, self-care, meaningful content, and inclusivity. It offers a space for women to slow down, connect with one another, and prioritise their own wellbeing, retreats are a powerful tool for personal growth and transformation.

When you approach the experience with an open mind and a willingness to connect and learn then this retreat can give back tenfold.

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(123) Wellness retreat in the woods. – YouTube

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