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Benefits of using Canva for my business

by Amanda Haigh – founder of Fix your Future Ltd and co-founder of Inspired-Nation CIC

Supporting social entrepreneurs with the tools to thrive as a start-up business.

I absolutely love this tool and it has been a game changer for my business in many ways.

I’ve designed logo’s, book covers, power points, videos and hundreds of social media posts.

It is so simple to use and I think this is why I love it so much. As a non designer I actually now love being a designer and the simplicity in having 100’s of templates already made for you makes the designing even easier.

I love the fact that you can use the free version in order to get use to it during the learning stages, this can have it’s drawbacks in the sense that many of the templates come with the Canva watermark on but there are plenty of free ones without too.

I used the free version for a while and then progressed to the professional version because of the ease of use and more variety of templates and tools that you could use, such as background remover on pictures and scheduling your social media posts and yearly I think it’s a steal for what its capabilities are.

I now offer training to others in using this valuable platform, there is some free training on my YouTube channel but happy to chat if you want more in depth training or support with any social media ideas for your social enterprise marketing.

I am now an affiliate for Canva so if you sign up via the link at the bottom I will get a percentage for advertising their product but it is no extra cost to you, it just means you are helping another fellow social entrepreneur.

Definitely a recommended staple in your social enterprise business.  

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