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Are you dating a narcissist?

Does this sound like your relationship? Are there any similarities?

5 years of emotional abuse.

Of lies … cheating… hiding … manipulation. days, weeks, months of getting the silent treatment. Spending time with everyone else but me.

My thoughts and feelings being ignored. No affection…supporting your dreams while mine fade away.

Supported you financially for 15yrs. ER and doctor appointments, family gatherings, holidays, by myself.

Crying and throwing up at work in front of strangers. Eyes blood shot red.

Countless days in bed sleeping…smoking and drinking to not feel.

I tried to take my life ..I loved you with every fibre of my being. You were supposed to be my best friend. The amount of hurt you gave me is crushing.

I would’ve never done this to you, EVER.

This meant nothing to you, but it meant everything to me. You broke my heart into a million pieces.

Narcissist abuse is real. I’ve lived it.

This is a quote from another victim of narcissistic abuse whose life was destroyed, take the quiz if you think you maybe in a coercive relationship

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