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Put a baby in her!

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Narcissists and the Weaponisation of Pregnancy It’s mental health awareness week and I wanted to write a blog to raise more awareness of how perpetrators of domestic and narcissistic abuse can use alarming tactics to entrap their partners . Put… Read More »Put a baby in her!

Re-write your Future

There were so many life lessons for me to really delve deep into and start understanding why I never felt enough and never truly loved myself from the inside. Throughout writing my story there were incidents from my past that… Read More »Re-write your Future

Are you dating a narcissist? Does this sound like your relationship? Are there any similarities? 5 years of emotional abuse. Of lies … cheating… hiding … manipulation. days, weeks, months of getting the silent treatment. Spending time with everyone else but me. My thoughts… Read More »Are you dating a narcissist?

Heal with the Reel

I hit rock bottom and that’s when my recovery journey began, during this time I wrote my first book ‘Fix your Future’ a memoir of my life journey and the healing techniques I used to grow and become confident again. It has been a long road but I’m truly grateful to be now teaching other women how to heal and stand in their power.
I think it is so important to share our stories so we can learn from one another and grow together, raise our self-esteem and confidence.