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Wellness retreat in the woods

Do you make yourself a priority?

Setting boundaries was something that I had to learn as I was always a ‘Yes’ person and saying no can take skill and really paying attention to your gut feeling and intuition. Often if something doesn’t feel right then it usually isn’t.

Re-write your Future

There were so many life lessons for me to really delve deep into and start understanding why I never felt enough and never truly loved myself from the inside. Throughout writing my story there were incidents from my past that… Read More »Re-write your Future

Are you dating a narcissist? Does this sound like your relationship? Are there any similarities? 5 years of emotional abuse. Of lies … cheating… hiding … manipulation. days, weeks, months of getting the silent treatment. Spending time with everyone else but me. My thoughts… Read More »Are you dating a narcissist?

Heal with the Reel

I hit rock bottom and that’s when my recovery journey began, during this time I wrote my first book ‘Fix your Future’ a memoir of my life journey and the healing techniques I used to grow and become confident again. It has been a long road but I’m truly grateful to be now teaching other women how to heal and stand in their power.
I think it is so important to share our stories so we can learn from one another and grow together, raise our self-esteem and confidence.


Yes, yes and yes!! Thanks to some funding from Live Well Leeds we are doing our very first pilot retreat for women to recalibrate and immerse themselves with nature. I’m super excited to announce re-TREAT which is happening on Saturday… Read More »Re-treat